Sunday, November 07, 2004

All Absolute Power Demoralizes its Possessor

All absolute power demoralizes its possessor. To that all history bears witness. And if it be a spiritual power which rules men's consciences, the danger is only so much greater, for the possession of such a power exercises a specially treacherous fascination, while it is peculiarly conducive to self-deceit, because the lust of dominion, when it has become a passion, is only too easily in this case excused under the plea of zeal for the salvation of others.

-- Professor J.H. von Dullinger -- (1871)


Blogger laffnowl said...

"Qui veut faire l'ange, fait la bĂȘte." ("Those who play at being angels, end up as animals.")--Blaise Pascal

Tuesday, 09 November, 2004  

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