Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Self-referential Nightmare

The way Andrew Cohen’s own cautionary teachings refer so perfectly to himself is like some kind of strange and scary self-referential nightmare; a kind of spiritual "Being John Malkovich" movie with Andrew Cohen in the Malkovich role.

“Being John Malkovich” you recall, was the movie with the memorable scene when the character John Malkovich himself goes inside the head of the famous actor John Malkovich and encounters some kind of endless Malkovichian feedback loop.

How does Cohen play “Malkovich”? Consider the following quote:

“Enlightenment, then, is the direct realization of the dual nature of the glory of God as the inherent perfection of all things and a ceaseless imperative to evolve...When the ecstatic embrace of the evolutionary imperative is not firmly grounded in the profound knowledge of the inherent perfection of all things, the consequences can be disastrous.

"Why? Because the ego’s insidious and deadly investment in dominance and control can easily be fueled by the tremendously empowering discovery of the evolutionary imperative unless one is first firmly grounded in the awakened knowledge of the inherent perfection of all things.

"Indeed, without that grounding, inspired passion easily becomes fertile ground for the ego to identify itself with that which is Absolute, thereby enabling our darkest impulses to masquerade as the greatest good.”

- Andrew Cohen in Embracing Heaven & Earth...pretty amazing...


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