Friday, January 14, 2005

Persecution Complex

Having been around Andrew for a long time, I know how accurately this comment (see post "A Precariously Balanced Personality) reflects AC. He has often literaly expressed that he felt persecuted. By individuals as well as by particular groups of students. Groups of male students, groups of female students, the collective of editors of his magazine etc.

He used to say he felt like an Indian dog who's constantly being kicked (by those not behaving the way he deemed appropriate).

At one point in his community of formal students there was a deep investigation into the nature of "group-ego". AC was very emphatic that this "women-or-men-student-group-ego" was actively trying to destroy him and his teaching. And although there seemed to be much value to the discovery of this group mentality, the incredible personalization and demonization of this phenomenon was at least unhelpful!
- a reader


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