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Replies to Curious

Several replies have been sent to "Curious to Hear More." We'll continue posting new comments on the bottom of this post as they come keep checking back.

First Comment:

Well....this is a recent quote from Andrew Cohen. If this is what is happening there now it would be pretty amazing. It was not my experience of living at Foxhollow over 2 years ago but things may have changed a great deal.

"I believe that for most of us, the only way to our own higher development lies in the context of human relationship, relationship based upon a breakthrough to a shared experience and recognition of consciousness beyond ego. Of course, consciousness beyond ego always means the state of enlightenment itself. So what I'm referring to is the shared experience and recognition of enlightened consciousness, where the shadow of ego or separate self-sense is entirely absent. In this experience of intersubjective consciousness beyond ego, a momentous leap occurs. It is a leap from I to We, from extreme individuation to a living context of intersubjective nonduality—a higher We consciousness in which all parties experience simultaneously their own individual and collective transparency while remaining fully and completely themselves."

Lets hope it is like that there now....would be an amazing thing.

Second comment:

In reply to the previous comment....dream on!

Of course Cohen is the silver tongue, he's been woowing devotees for nearly 20 years, but so has he been dishing out lots of crap and abuse. I lived there (Foxhollow) as well a few years ago and left with a broken heart and full of disillusionment...Here's a question to ask: Are residents of Foxhollow allowed to have a life, to come and go, to have a relationship not sanctioned by Cohen. Are Cohen's students allowed to take some time off, to travel on their own (wow, on one's own!) and reflect and gain insight without it being taken as a failure, as not "living up to the teachings?" That Cohen quote posted sounds very egalitarian, but in fact Cohen's approach is full of his superiority and separation from those he controls.

Third Comment:

To anyone who actually lived with Andrew Cohen's community for any number of years, suffered the loss of autonomy and emotional blackmail that entailed, and yet believes that that quote reflects some big new change of consciousness that mysteriously occurred recently and is now being lived--laffnowl can only say (with total sincerity and a complete lack of cynicism)

I got a nice bridge you might be interested in buying.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't spent any real time living in the community. While I am concerned by what I have read here, I have to admit that some of Andrew's formal students whom I've had the chance to meet have made a real impact on me in terms of the grace, humility, wisdom, integrity and clarity they have shown. I also suspect that living in and visiting the community can be two very different things.

Wednesday, 12 January, 2005  

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