Monday, July 03, 2006

Intersubjective Fictions--Some Cohen Video Reviews

Here are some anonymous reviews of Andrew Cohen's latest web infomercial Creating the Future culled from some emails we've seen and reproduced (completely without authorization). Many thanks to our astute readers!

"it's like he's speaking another
language...they even transcibe every word, so we don't
miss these gems of wisdom...but I still don't know
exactly what the hell he's saying..."

"I just watched the video. Painful to see so many former dear friends. I just felt like it was blah blah blah, the same blah blah blah for years and years. Like they're inside a sphere of mirrors reflecting back on themselves the same catchphrases and ideas, over and over again. I didn't find it attractive at all. It really seems more like a mind state now. You can get a buzz from that mind state…I know I did for years, but it doesn’t seem authentic or compelling to me anymore."

"After watching this video, which made me want to puke, I think someone should stick their foot up this guy’s ass..... His rhetoric is so seductive, that’s the problem here; so you must continue to expose all his bullshit. What horseshit this guy is peddling. I feel sorry for the people who fall for it."

"Wow, just looking at his wardrobe, I got kinda hot. Do the words really matter?
Put another way, the presentation is so slick it supersedes the content - a perfect metaphor for our times."

"What a load of bollocks!"

"Don't take this the wrong way but it's obvious to me that you're not allowing the intersubjective friction of consciousness to create the ecstatic compulsion necessary to create the future in a way that allows a greater uber reality to emerge in you. It's about intersubjectivity, dude. Let it in!"

What do you think?