Friday, October 01, 2004

Documentation of Abuse

These articles contain specific allegations of abuse by Andrew Cohen or by his organization. (articles appear in alphabetical order by title)

A Corruption of Power by Andre Van der Braak

A Former Student Speaks Out by Anon

A Legacy of Scorched Earth by Susan Bridle

A Lively Debate by Caragh and laffnowl

A Reader's Question: Code of Silence by Anon

A Travesty of “Enlightenment” – Wendyl’s Story by Wendyl


Cohen Ain't No Marpa by laffnowl

Cruelty, Vengeance And Crazy Wisdom
Breaking The Code Of Silence--Part II
by Hal

Emperor's New Clothes? by Ed McDougal

Four Steps to Freedom by Anon

Ivana's Story by Ivana

Karma Will (Literally) Cost You And Leaving Isn't Easy
Breaking The Code Of Silence, Part IV
by Hal

Letter From A Senior Student by Stas Mavrides

Letter to a Seeker by laffnowl

My Turning Point by Richard Pitt

Not Forgotten – The Story of Caroline Franklyn by Mario Puljiz

Now I Don't Know Whether to Trust Cohen by Anon

Reflections Of An Early Student by Brook Stone

Replies to Curious by Anon

Shame, Guilt and the Guru’s Blood
Breaking The Code Of Silence--Part III
by Hal

Student Leaves Cohen, Finds Freedom by Anon

THE CHALLENGE OF GETTING CLEAR--An Essay On Andrew Cohen's Teaching by Bruce Ryan

The Seeds Of Abuse Were In Place By Douglas Wallace

Through a Mirror Darkly—continuing to try to see clearly! by Roberta Anderson

What Is The Purpose Of Enlightenment? by AD

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