Friday, October 01, 2004

The Psychology of the Guru/Disciple Relationship

The psychology of the guru/desciple relationship, and it's many pitfalls, is described in these articles:

Accepting a Simple Truth by Leo Tolstoy, Professor John Wren-Lewis, and Dianna Allstad & Joel Kramer

A Common Manipulative Strategy by Len Oakes

A Precariously Balanced Personality by Sam Vaknin

Andrew Cohen's Fall From Grace by Anon

A Tale of Two Teachers by the Editors
by Karl B.

A Travesty of “Enlightenment” – Wendyl’s Story by Wendyl

“Either I’m Crazy ..or…” by Stas

In The Hope Of A Shared Inquiry Toward Deeper Truth by Anon

Progressive Indoctrination and the Shadow Sangha by Helene

So Just What IS a Real Sage? by Daniel Shaw, Helene, Shankara

Some Common Misunderstandings of 'Two Truths Doctrine' by The Editors

The Myth of the Totally Enlightened Guru by John Horgan

The Narcissist Claims Infallibility by Sam Vaknin

To Heal One is To Heal All by Anon

Vimala Thakar’s Concealed Criticism and Andrew Cohen’s Treatment of Women—The Investigation Continues by editors and Wendyl

Why Leaving Cohen’s Group Can Be So Hard by the Editors

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