Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Upon the fall of Baghdad in 2003, Guru Cohen sent the following 'official message' to his students.

"All you bleeding heart liberals can go to hell! I'm celebrating victory with our President!"

Wow, stunning! What do you think of that??

Well, it's election day, so you get to vote! Please indicate your preference by submitting a comment for either of the following choices. Click on the 'comments' button below, and just write in B/C or K/E - or feel free to comment more.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

no surprise to me...they both have similar "management" styles! Use of force, no dissent or conflicting views allowed, a black and white view of the world. Marriage made in heaven.

Tuesday, 02 November, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed it was a stunning statement. Identifying with a tyrant shows Cohen's sense of disconnect and heartlessness. I thought his mission was to care about humanity. Shame on him! My vote is Kerry/Edwards!

Tuesday, 02 November, 2004  
Blogger joanium said...


...If only I could vote in the US elections!

An Australian poll at http://ninemsn.com.au

Saturday October 30 2004: If you could, would you vote for George W Bush?
Yes: 18268 (30%)
No: 42895 (70%)

Tuesday, 02 November, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Cohen really say that? Who does he think he is?

That's awful. My vote is for K/E.

Tuesday, 02 November, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at Heathrow airport, summer 2002, one of two dozen London students come to see the master off on his return to the US. AC, holding court in a coffee lounge, was attacking one student for her "green meme" (aka bleeding heart liberal) views on the impending war. "We shoulda finished Saddam off last time", growls AC. The implication was clear: Bush Snr had also been a bleeding heart liberal.

Two things struck me at the time. One, and it genuinely surprised me as I'd considered him a bright guy, was how simplistic AC's assessment was. Grim realpolitik - the hope that a chastened Saddam could still have a role to play in regional stability and balance of power - is a far more likely cause of Bush Snr's cold-hearted (and for tens of thousands of Kurds and Shias, fatal) halting of the drive to Baghdad in 1991 than any rush of liberal pacifism.

I hear Wilbur gets up to the same kind of trick - equating opposition to the mess in Iraq with green meme thinking. I'm no pacifist. But I saw the WMD thing as bogus, and I was right; and I saw the equating of Saddam's appalling (formerly US backed) regime with Al Quaeda as ludicrous, and I was right.

It would be nice to report that, in that impromptu coffee lounge meeting at the airport, I spoke my mind against AC's uninformed posturing. But anyone ever involved in this cult will know such a thing would have been unthinkable. The Master had spoken.

Tuesday, 09 November, 2004  

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