Thursday, December 09, 2004

Continue Without Andrew?

well, i finally sat down long enough to read, at least a lot if not all, of your current blog. i skipped around. i've been a fan of the what is enlightenment? magazine, and admire don beck's and ken wilber's work immensely. how andrew cohen actually fits into the mix has been somewhat of a mystery to me. i've been receiving his email 'quotes' and have found that i have never read one in its entirety, even though they're just one paragraph long. after the first few lines, max, my brain glazes over and i hit 'delete.' i've been telling myself that i 'should probably' be able to read and understand this stuff, yet it always felt like a bunch of blather, leading nowhere. now, having read some of the entries here, i'm inclined to trust my gut intuitions even more, and to wish that the staff at wie? figure out a way to continue their excellent work without andrew. this all might explain why i've found him so unappealing. (i live in oregon and remember well bagwan shree rajneesh and sheela, and what a mess that all turned into, in spite of everyone's high hopes.)
- comments from a reader December 6, 2004


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think a lot of this blog is very interesting and fills out a picture of Andrew and his community that is normally hidden. It does seem though that a lot of the behind the scenes news is quite old. Does anyone know what is happening there now??

Thursday, 09 December, 2004  

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