Monday, January 03, 2005

Philosophical Vaudeville Boomeritis Incarnate

(This post first appeared on the Integral Naked site)

Regarding Andrew Cohen...As an evolutionist he sucks - he would struggle to hold a debate with decent college grad on the subject.

On morality Ive never noted a word about it in anything I have heard or read.

It is his sheer lack of intellectual depth on any of these subjects that gobsmacks me .

Personally he profiles a bit Sociopathic/ Psychopathic or maybe one of the Personality Disorders like Narcistic. There is something lurking there in that barely controlled temperament . I witnessed text book impulse control issues around stress and response, he lost lucidness and appeared to have difficulty managing his emotions (anger). On three occasions he berated 3 different volunteers to the 150 people in the intensive noting their lack of foresight and intelligence directly to the crowd. His effort to belittle several of the questioners was direct and indisputably unrelated to making some philosophically point. It wasn’t tough love it was demeaning mean spirit ness.

His physicality made several noteworthy changes when placed under pressure. When you do the research all kinds of people have witnessed these behaviors manifest themselves in diverse circumstances. Even his teacher and his mother (who wrote a book about him) made many remarks about some pathological aspects of his nature.

There is a Tsunami of negative stuff out there on this guy and most of it relates to his behavior. Even his writings have an obsessive repetitive quality and its just renamed or rehashed aspects of other peoples work. Give me any aspect of his work and I will tell you where he got it.

This guy is philosophical vaudeville Boomeritis incarnate.

It walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck maybe it’s a duck !

My training doesn’t qualify me to work up a full psychological profile but I would love to hear from anyone qualified to work one up from the stuff in the public domain.

My advise to Ken Wilber is to get someone he trusts to attend an intensive and report back.
- Craig


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See the book Prophetic Charisma: The Psychology of Revolutionary Religious Personalities by Len Oakes. I think this will give you a good sense of what a balanced psychological profile of Cohen (and those like him) should look like. There is more than one excerpt from the book here.

Saturday, 08 January, 2005  

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