Friday, January 07, 2005

What Color is Beck's Mean Meme?

We've heard of the "mean green meme."
What I wanna know is--what color is Beck's mean meme?
What would the spiral taxonomists say?
Is it a systems-oriented mean yellow?
If it was a bird would it be a "yellow-bellied mean meme"?
Or has his meanness broken through to second tier and emerged as a mean conscious turquoise?
Does Beck's letter prove there is a stage of development called "the terrible turquoises"?
Or is his version of turquoise just another shade of dogmatic blue?

Questions, questions, questions.

- by laffnowl


Blogger goethean said...

um...yellow *is* second tier. Maybe you should read just a little tiny bit of the people you are attempting to critique.

Tuesday, 08 February, 2005  
Blogger laffnowl said...

Oops! The commenter is right. Yellow is second tier. Sorry, forgot. Can I get a little poetic license here? Nevertheless, the main point of this post still holds.

Wednesday, 09 February, 2005  

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