Saturday, February 12, 2005

A Spiritual Watergate

This blog is an unfolding spiritual “Watergate Story.” Charges of crimes in high places and all the attendant denial and cover-up. It saddens me to read the sincere accounts of abuse experienced by past students of Andrew Cohen – and in the unfolding drama there is a story compelling enough that it’s the first thing I read every morning…

With Hal as Bob Woodward, and presidential enablers Kissinger, Colson and Dean now starring Craig and Carter.

But C&C’s strained cover-up attempts are childishly transparent. Why boast so vociferously about Cohen’s community if there weren’t some very dark abusive events hidden somewhere? “Heaven on Earth” –Come on gentlemen, I have to believe that or else I’m a cynic? Really, your polemics, if they weren’t so foolish, would be offensive.

“Visit us anytime”- for Christ’s sake, give me a break. Even the North Koreans invite you to visit. Madeline Albright did, and she saw only happy shiny faces. But she’s not stupid enough to believe she saw the real North Korea.

And nice try Craig, to come out front and admit to the whoring, just a little justifiable sadhana! Maybe in a movie or a novel I’d give the author the license for such a prank. But you’re dealing with real lives here. And real bad stuff can happen in the sex-for-money arena. It is revolting to think you (and therefore Cohen) can in any way justify this. You haven’t defused the horror of this issue one bit with your little explanation – in fact I’m all the more concerned about where you must be coming from.

What would be refreshing would be some openness coming from Cohen & Company and not a smear-the-critics campaign that frankly no one buys anyway.

Thank you for doing this blog and thank you especially to those of you who have bravely shared your personal stories. You are unfortunately being publicly reviled by Cohen’s editors. What a pity! And what that says about Andrew Cohen is truly awful. It is a real shame because at one time it seemed he had a very big gift in his ability as a spiritual teacher. Now he seems destined to go the way of Nixon.
- Roy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In defense of Andrew Cohen:

I am not a fan of Andrew Cohen nor do I excuse his self-evident behavior, but the truth must surface that all of you students allowed him to abuse you and therefore you have a respomsibility in the here and now of this expose.

Andrew waltzed as a smooth lover with all of you. Wow, Casanova has been dethroned. It appears that Andrew did it all without ever unzipping his pants.

Whenever Andrew asked:"What, am I doing something wrong?, you all kept silent fearing the loss of your beloved. As you all became more and more enslaved, Andrew's shadow side became darker and darker.

In the Muktananda scandal that surfaced after his death, where were his students when he supposedly did his sinful deeds. He is dead now and no longer can defend himself.

You former students deserve much compassion and credit for the awakening of the truth that you were not in a healthy relationship with a teacher. Learn from each and every experience. It is truly a gift.

Much compassion for Andrew's wife. She should be your one and only dancing partner and you, Andrew, should only concentrate on being a teacher to your students.

Let us all forgive, love one another and not point our finger at anyone without looking at our responsibility in every relationship and situation.

Blessings to all former students and to the Cohen camp.

Love is all.

Saturday, 12 February, 2005  

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