Friday, October 01, 2004

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All articles on WHAT enlightenment?!!, alphabetically by author. All “Anon” articles are at the end of the list.

A Remarkable Consistency
by Aaron

If Andrew Cleaned Up His Act And Walked His Talk
An Essay And Miracle Story
by AD

What Is The Purpose Of Enlightenment? by AD

Healing From Abuse: A Framework by Alexander Berzin

Growing Up in "the community" - One View by Anais Daly

Letter From A Senior Student by Stas

A Corruption of Power by Andre Van der Braak

The Bible Speaks Story Boston Globe

Reflections Of An Early Student by Brook Stone

THE CHALLENGE OF GETTING CLEAR--An Essay On Andrew Cohen's Teaching by Bruce Ryan

A Lively Debate by Caragh and laffnowl

What Does Andrew Cohen Know About Enlightenment? by Charles Carreon

A Reflection from Christopher Titmuss by Christopher Titmuss

WIE Editor Admits Slapping, Smeared "Blood" Incident by Craig Hamilton

Philosophical Vaudeville Boomeritis Incarnate by Craig T.

So Just What IS a Real Sage? by Daniel Shaw, Helene, Shankara

The Glorious Mr. Wedgie by David Deida

"You're Bottom Dwellers!" by Don Beck

The Seeds Of Abuse Were In Place By Douglas Wallace


Some Common Misunderstandings of 'Two Truths Doctrine' by The Editors

Vimala Thakar’s Concealed Criticism and Andrew Cohen’s Treatment of Women—The Investigation Continues by editors and Wendyl

Why Leaving Cohen’s Group Can Be So Hard by the Editors


Emperor's New Clothes? by Ed McDougal

A Call to Action and a Letter to Bill O’Reilly by Hal

An Invitation To Truth And Reconciliation by Hal


Cruelty, Vengeance And Crazy Wisdom
Breaking The Code Of Silence--Part II
by Hal

Karma Will (Literally) Cost You And Leaving Isn't Easy
Breaking The Code Of Silence, Part IV
by Hal

Shame, Guilt and the Guru’s Blood
Breaking The Code Of Silence--Part III
by Hal

So Sad….
by Hal

About WHAT enlightenment?! by Helene

Life After the Cult by Helene

Progressive Indoctrination and the Shadow Sangha by Helene

What is Narcissism? by Helene

Ivana's Story by Ivana

What Enlightenment??! - another view by Jeremy Lyell

The Myth of the Totally Enlightened Guru by John Horgan

Enlightenment Blues reviewed by Parabola Magazine by Joshua Leavitt

A Tale of Two Teachers by the Editors
by Karl B.

Cohen Ain't No Marpa by laffnowl

Letter to a Seeker by laffnowl

What Color is Beck's Mean Meme? by laffnowl

A Common Manipulative Strategy by Len Oakes

Accepting a Simple Truth by Leo Tolstoy, Professor John Wren-Lewis, and Dianna Allstad & Joel Kramer

Not Forgotten – The Story of Caroline Franklyn by Mario Puljiz

All Absolute Power Demoralizes its Possessor by Professor J.H. von Dullinger

My Turning Point by Richard Pitt

Real Teachers Are As Scarce As Hens'Teeth by Roberta Anderson

Through a Mirror Darkly—continuing to try to see clearly! by Roberta Anderson

A Precariously Balanced Personality by Sam Vaknin

The Narcissist Claims Infallibility by Sam Vaknin

Support And Appreciation For "Letter From A Senior Student" by Simon Moore and Anon

“Either I’m Crazy ..or…” by Stas

NEW-- Andrew Cohen's "Talking Dog" Letter To A Senior Student by Stas

A Legacy of Scorched Earth by Susan Bridle

A Travesty of “Enlightenment” – Wendyl’s Story by Wendyl

Articles by Anon:

3 Spiritual Teachers Arrive at the Gates of Heaven by Anon (a meditation teacher)

A Cohen Teaching by Anon

A Former Student Speaks Out by Anon

An Angry Brainwashed Person by Anon

A Reader's Question: Code of Silence by Anon

A Report From the Front Lines by Anon

A Self-referential Nightmare by Anon

A Spiritual Watergate by Anon

Andrew Cohen's Fall From Grace by Anon

Continue Without Andrew? by Anon

Curious to Hear More by Anon

Empowering Survivors to Find Their Voice by Anon

Four Steps to Freedom by Anon

How Not to Defend Your Guru by Anon

In and Out of the Vortex by Anon

Is This News - Or Did Nothing Ever Really Happen? by Anon

In The Hope Of A Shared Inquiry Toward Deeper Truth by Anon

Ken Wilber's Shaky History of Endorsements by Anon

Missing THE POINT by Anon

More On Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen by Anon

Now I Don't Know Whether to Trust Cohen by Anon

Of Cohen, Koresh And Authoritarianism--3 Views by Anon

On WIE--A Dialogue by Anon

Persecution Complex by Anon

Readers' Comments November 12, 2004 by Anon

Replies to Curious by Anon

Shame-based Spiritual Striving by Anon

So Ghastly Familiar by Anon


Student Leaves Cohen, Finds Freedom by Anon

This is a Great Blog! by Anon

To Heal One is To Heal All by Anon

Who then, does Andrew Cohen answer to? by Anon

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